Conversations with ATX Leaders: Eric Hehman

There is an aspect of leading at this time that feels more isolated and alone than ever.  When being connected to people is a part of your business, or a part of your leadership style, it can be a scary season.  Eric Hehman, CEO of Austin Asset, shares about possible implications when the lines between work and life are blurred.  Something happens as our routine changes; lines and boundaries become hazy.
“You might find yourself answering emails at 10PM when you would have normally waited til the next business day.” – Eric Hehman
Working in isolation can make keeping up your mental health a challenge. When your work environment is a healthy place to be, going to the office can actually help provide built in boundaries.
While his business practices may have only shifted, Eric has experienced an adaptation within his leadership style. During this time he has found himself texting and calling mentors more often, being more intentional with meetings and conversations.  “I really value wise counsel right now.”  Eric shares. Checking in with others has been a practice of Eric’s for a while, but now, more than ever, he is seeking advice and guidance from the most trusted voices in his life.
Eric adds, “As a leader it’s okay to say ‘I don’t know.’” It is tempting to get lost in trying to have control and respond during this time. When trying to guide our businesses and our families, we have to be comfortable admitting when we don’t know about timelines or predictions, that is a part of clear and healthy communication.

Being in a challenging time gives us the chance to see how uniquely created we are.  Join us as Eric Hehman shares candidly about his leadership experience through this season. He challenges leaders to see their unique gift set emerge for God’s purpose, when we are open to recognize opportunities.

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