Conversations with ATX Leaders: Britt Harris

“People do not expect leaders to be perfect, but they do expect them to be present.” Britt Harris.


“We’ve been hit by two rogue waves in light of this virus.” states Mr. Harris. Britton “Britt” Harris is the current chief investment officer of the University of Texas Investment Management Company. The investment management company oversees the assets of The University of Texas and Texas A&M University. Rogue waves are unusually large, unexpected and suddenly appearing surface waves that can be extremely dangerous, even to large ships such as ocean liners. Unlike a tidal wave, which you can see coming from miles away, rogue waves present considerable danger for several reasons: they are rare, are unpredictable, may appear suddenly or without warning, and can impact with tremendous force.


“We are now fighting a war on two fronts.” Britt shares his perspective on this unprecedented economic and social impact. His vantage point offers leaders a glimpse into what Britt frames as the most unusual upcoming three months economically.  Sharing through both a local and global lens, Britt engages in a conversation about concerns within the oil industry, how to maximize national aid, along with best practices on how to terminate employment with grace through this difficult season.


“Greed is cumulative, but fear is instantaneous.” says Mr. Harris as he unpacks his thoughts on how our own fight or flight response could impact investments, stability, and our mental health in the midst of this pandemic. Scripture repeatedly reminds us not to fear, drawing our concerns to the reality of His presence. This enlightening conversation weaves both the reality of God’s provision and the predicted reality of the marketplace. As leaders share information they must realize they are defining reality through the hope they bring through their leadership.  Your associates deserve your best as a leader, especially during a time like this. Developing a healthy communication plan is vital to instilling truth and courage within our teams and organizations. Britt challenges leaders to increase their dedication to their values, “This is probably the greatest opportunity within my life time for God’s people to show up and make a difference.” This is perhaps a time when the distinction as believers should be more evident than ever.


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