We exist to exponentially advance the Kingdom of God through flourishing communities across Greater Austin

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Jesus came that we might have "life" and that "more abundantly."  Individually we experience an abundant life through Jesus and collectively we experience this abundance via a flourishing community. In simple form, flourishing both honors God and His original intent for mankind living in community.  As such, we believe everyone deserves an opportunity to experience a spiritually and socially flourishing community.

Challenges our communities face:

  • Pastors and non-profit leaders often feel isolated and alone
  • Christian business leaders struggle to integrate faith and work
  • The Church is not seen as a valued community partner

We transform how the Church and community live, work, and serve together

By building alliances that break down barriers

By creating capacity that sustains results

By bridging the Church to the community

"As a Christian businessman in Austin, I am deeply grateful for the critical role ABBA plays in bridging key sectoImage result for tony budet austin txrs of our community--business, education, government, nonprofit, foundations--to collaborate for the greater good."

Tony Budet, President/CEO | University Federal Credit Union


Our Missional Goal and Rationale:

We believe the most effective  and efficient way to achieve a flourishing community is through fostering 100 Kingdom Alliances over the next 10 years (providing long-term solutions to social and spiritual needs).  When the local church and community have greater capacity to move beyond isolation, our primary barrier, our community increasingly flourishes (spiritually and socially) and the Kingdom of God advances.

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