Conversations with ATX Leaders: Herb & Kennisha Moffett

“Before this, when there was conflict or tension in the home, people would use work or maybe even church, to escape.” Herb Moffett.


Spiritual Leaders of Restoring Family Ministries, Herb & Kennisha Moffett, are seeing opportunities for God to challenge, strengthen and grow His influence in our families during this pandemic.


The shelter in place mandate has added a new layer to family ministry, and Herb and Kennisha are hearing from their over 1500 global ministry stories of hope, while also noticing fear and anxiety among younger congregation members. Through laughter and inspiration, the Moffett’s share about the sweetness of this season even in the midst of concerns and fears.


While many churches are just now engaging with an online community, many years ago Restoring Family Ministries had already embraced new technology, new formats, and a new way of doing Church. Herb & Kennisha share how together they intentionally sought and submitted to step by step instructions from God, even in the midst of today’s pressures to craft our own strategy.


“The art of silence and the art of listening is often replaced with pressure, fear and the idol of busyness.” shares Kennisha. Before creating new agendas or scheduling that next meeting, are we checking in with God?  Join us for a challenging conversation about seeking God and aligning with His pace, recognizing this time as a valuable opportunity to rest and recoup.

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