Work in Isolation

Work in Isolation

Photo by 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash


A core part of ABBA’s mission is our drive to help you avoid a lifetime of work without meaning and faith in isolation. On almost every piece of literature we offer, or video we create, you will see or hear the words, “connect with purpose;” followed by “avoid work and faith in isolation.”


ABBA’s journey began as a group of local pastors seeking to encourage one another and to collaborate.  It was that simple.  In a role that is often isolated, God gave a handful of Austin pastors a vision to come alongside one another.  Churches can often isolate themselves and see other churches through the lens of comparison, and possibly competition.  Like minded believers, with no intent toward division, can find themselves in a lonely space, removed from a portion of their potential impact on a community.  Business and nonprofit leaders are no different.


Today, in light of our current circumstances globally concerning COVID-19, the word “isolation” carries even more weight.


CEO’s go from meeting to meeting, often feeling isolated in their role, only now they are bouncing from ZOOM link to ZOOM link.  Leaders strive to manage their teams across computer screens, just as they did across the conference room table.  The questions ABBA started asking years ago remain relevant. What would our city look like if business leaders were out of isolation – connected to support, inspire, and encourage one another?  What if the natural competition of the marketplace was paused long enough to spur one another on toward our greater purpose? Perhaps we are experiencing an available pause right now.


We are now shifting from a feeling of isolation to, for many, very literally being removed from our working environment.  During a time when the world needs strong leadership and reminders to stay focused on truth and faith, we are asked to isolate for the health and well being of our friends and neighbors.


While we are in unprecedented times, organizations are pushed to pivot to meet the needs of their clients and communities, and we at ABBA continue to strive to connect our city’s leaders.  Through this season we are collecting and sharing a series of interviews with leaders across sectors.  These interviews remind us that we are not alone.  God is not in a state of shock or surprise with today’s events, and He has provided us not only with His leadership, but also with one another.  We are hearing amazing stories, healthy challenges, and pointed reflections as we continue to combat isolation in our fields and sectors.


Perhaps this time of change, a new pace, a different way of slowing down – we could get still enough to hear how God continues to move.  Imagine what we could accomplish if leaders across the business, faith and civic communities combated isolation through connection.  As our city organizations and government groups reflect the needs of our area, the Church has the calling to be the hands, feet , and reflection of Christ, and the business community has resources of goods and finances to advance change.  There would be very little we could not solve if we are intentional with our time and dialogue.  At ABBA, we believe that leaders desire to connect, to talk and to effect change within their communities.  It’s not that organizations can’t communicate, it’s finding that facilitator that can bridge conversations that transform Austin.  This has been ABBA’s mission.  This is what we continue to do.


ABBA’s journey began, and continues, to connect church leaders, but as Austin grows, so does God’s vision for ABBA. As challenging new dynamics emerge, ABBA pivots to address isolation in new ways. As we expand to do the same work among Austin business leaders, we look forward to seeing God’s influence over our city increase as we connect with purpose.


Jennifer Mazzola