Conversations with ATX Leaders: Melanie Jacobs

“We need small businesses to succeed for our country, for our economy.” – ABBA Executive Director, Dr. Rich Carney
Catching a glimpse of what many small business owners are experiencing, join us for this conversation with Melanic Jacobs, CEO of Deep Roots ATX.  Managing a staff of nearly 50 employees across two salons, Melanie is in a unique sector of business in terms of the corona-virus impact.  Unique, but far from alone.
Many businesses are able to carry their employees through this time, or will find relief from the government due to mandates issued.  Melanie’s team has found themselves in a sort of “in-between”.  They are not mandated to shut down, but with the capacity restriction of ten or less, they, at first, had to limit their staffing.  Leaders had to ask team members to sacrifice a shift for employees that could not afford to go without the work.  However, eventually the social pressure pushed them to close entirely for this season.  “What we were experiencing across social media was hurting our stylist more than helping them.” shares Melanie.

Many small businesses will encounter similar dynamic circumstances, trying to balance government restrictions, social pressure, and keeping their people paid.  Melanie and her partners are taking practical steps to keep their teams moving forward.  Doing things like consistently connecting with other industries to gleam from their best practices, reaching out to attorneys to stay informed as options unfold, encouraging team members through a group chat, and reminding employees to check in with landlords or other outlets for assistance.  “I have faith we are going to get through this.” shares Melanie.  Don’t miss this stunning example of how faith, leadership and hope align.


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