Time, Talent, Treasure

by Emily Yancey, Social Media Intern

One of the challenges in corporate America is standing out amongst the crowd as different. Not just as a leader or a hard worker, but as an ambassador of the gospel.

As a young professional myself, there are “3 T’s” that I keep in mind in my workplace as points of potential Kingdom contribution: Time, Talent, and Treasure.


Our time is valuable and as a result we often feel entitled to it. It is easy, for instance, to become frustrated when others disregard it by running late or demanding much attention. One way to set ourselves apart however is to be generous with our time. I can show love to others when I make it a point to show that I care to spend time with them, chat with them about their day, or regard their time as important.


God has gifted each of us with specific talents and we are called to steward those well. We can do so in the work place by being intentional with our use of these gifts and giving thanks in doing so. When our spirits are constantly attributing success and accomplishment back to God, others will notice difference and ultimately the hope in us.


“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” -Matthew 6:21
By treasuring Christ above all, we as believers set ourselves apart. This is clear in everything from our words to others, to respect for authority, to the integrity in which we conduct ourselves. The Lord honors obedience and the prayers of a righteous man are powerful. You can rest assured that in surrendering your work to Christ, He will use you in big ways.

Be encouraged! Your work matters to God.

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