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ABBA creates a web of resources for our City.

This is what our community is saying about us.

"ABBA really is that bridge that ministries, businesses and churches need to multiply our efforts. We are grateful for the relationships we have formed across Austin through ABBA."

- Allen Weeks, Executive Director, Austin Voices for Education and Youth


"Austin is a better city because of ABBA. ABBA builds bridges between nonprofits, the church and the business community; between pastors, civic and spiritual leaders; and, most importantly, between lost people and the Savior who seeks them. ABBA is a strategic partner in helping make sure that every man, woman and child in greater Austin has repeated opportunities to know Jesus."

- Will Davis Jr., Founding & Senior Pastor | Lead Teacher, Austin Christian Fellowship.


"Unity in the body does not just happen. In fact, left to our natural human frailties the Body becomes rife with disunity - a direct contravention of His design. ABBA was birthed by God to be one of His instruments to bring peace/completion and unity to the Body. A tool to remove barriers between north and south, east and west, those with enough and those without enough, male and female, black and white, brown and black, young and old, and traditional ministries and non - traditional ministries. ABBA works to help pastors and ministries do what they were purposed to do and that with more effectiveness and efficiency.   So, in addition to connecting  parts of the Body to other parts of the Body, ABBA connects resources in the Body to needs in the city. ABBA is In the City for the City."

- Ashton Cumberbatch, Vice-President Advocacy & Community and Government Relations, The Seton Healthcare Family.



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