Conversations with ATX Leaders: Richard Dooley

We are told over 150 times through scripture to “remember” or “recall” God’s faithfulness.  What does that have to do with strategic investments, treasury management and working capital?  Let’s find out.  Join us for a refreshing conversation with Co-Owner and Partner of Pope, Shamsie & Dooley, LLP, Richard Dooley.
“Ironically we built a new building and were in it for one day before the shelter-in-place mandate.”  A paperless firm for over 15 years, Richard still had to manage his team through March’s transitions, and now, he looks to lead through a season of re-opening.  “I think there will be a human psyche that’s hesitant to run back to things,” Richard shares. “What we are trying to articulate to our staff is, ‘we value you as people.’”
Unique sectors of the business world have been impacted differently as a result of COVID-19, and that will require a varied approach to bringing team members back into the office.  Not all businesses will have the same capability to set their own pace when it comes to opening back up. Yet most leaders are striving to meet a balanced approach; inviting people and giving them the space to make their own personal decisions.  Richard’s firm keeps a strong dialogue between leaders and staff, along with added measures for social distancing, providing employee care kits and investing in addition cleaning measures.
“I personally think it is going to take a while before the economy bounces back,” remarks Richard.  So how do faith filled business leaders combat fear as they patiently wait?  “I employee a simple strategy, I just recall,” shares Richard. “I have countless examples of how God showed up.”
Richard offers wisdom from past experiences, recalling several situations when, “Our only solution was to get on our knees and pray,” and instilling those memories within his business model. “I have to recall those stories of how God showed up in amazing ways and remember He will do that again.  We’ve captured those stories and kept them in the narrative of our business.”
On a personal note, Richard challenges us to notice the idols and stumbling blocks we might have previously held on our overly committed calendars. “Prior to COVID-19 we were the family with a calendar jammed with activities. Now we have found ourselves at the kitchen table for longer family dinners, for game nights, just for the opportunity to slow down.” While there are parts of our lives as leaders in which we anxiously await a return to normal, there are benefits to unexpected challenges if we are willing to see God at work through trying times. “My hope is that I am going to capture a new norm for my family and spiritual life.”  May we all be renewed and reminded through our time with Richard.

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