Conversations with ATX Leaders: Nick Alter

You know it’s going to be a fun conversation when someone’s ZOOM background is a scenic photo, providing us with a brief virtual escape.
President and Founder of Alter Endeavors, Nick Alter, joins ABBA Executive Director Rich Carney for an inspiring conversation.
When you are naturally a people person, this isolation requires you find new ways to connect and keep your finger on the pulse of trends in your industry. However, the slowing down has its benefits, “Not running from one place to the next gives businesses the space to really examine and utilize their platforms.”  Nick shares how his companies are using this time to create new  content that people can quickly use in this ever shifting season. Nick is noticing how leaders are really taking a hard look at their platforms. “Rather than sitting on their hands and fretting, this is the time they are digging in and creating new outlets.”
Nick is also making sure to consistently check in on his clients and partners. “The reason my network is valuable is because I value my network.” Nick shares, as he reminds leaders to not allow the busyness of new routines to produce gaps of communication between you and your most valuable relationships.
Being new to the work force during the 2008 crisis, Nick’s intended industry had completely collapsed during that time, which put him in a challenging position  “I had to ask myself ‘What am I going to build?’” This pandemic might provide the space and time for you to reinvent yourself, to think about doing things you have always dreamed of doing.
Nick challenges us to remember that God is ultimately in control, rise or fall.  A reminder evidenced by story after story of people’s generosity and willingness to serve. Be sure to listen in as we share another great conversation.
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