Conversations with ATX Leaders: Mark Westerfield

They say it takes several weeks to form a new habit.  How will the “new habits” we form as we journey through this unprecedented time shape the future of the Church?

Mark Westerfield, Pastor of Round Rock Central Baptist Church, shares his commitment to care for his own congregation while also issuing a challenge to other larger local churches to equip and empower smaller churches that may lack the ability or resources to keep their church families connected.

With his heart and eyes wide open, Mark reminds all of us that “God is not surprised by any of these events.” This season offers the Church opportunities to expand its reach as we come together in the midst of physically being apart.  While nothing can replace the value of face to face community, as leaders, keeping our teams or congregations connected to accurate information, and to one another, will be essential during this time.  If best practices reveal our best heart, Mark’s message of truth and peace is vital for all of our communities of faith.

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