Conversations with ATX Leaders: Mark McClain

In a few short weeks, the world has certainly changed; yet, our Lord is timeless and changeless.  He sets the times and seasons.  In a time when fear, frustration and stress are rampant, even the simple act of extending a smile to others or reaching out to your neighbor, friends and/or family can make all the difference.  This virus will pass but it’s the Body of Christ pulling together that will make the difference in people’s lives.

Our commitment is to connect people by reducing our isolation and by doing so see our community flourish.  This is why we’ve begun a video podcast series giving voice to pastors and business leaders all across our community.  They are short unedited responses to what we are all feeling and facing.  I hope they bring some measure of comfort and encouragement.

You are not alone!

While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.


Are we creating a multi-year problem? Is this another recession, or similar to the bursting of the tech bubble, or 9-11? People are looking for responsible voices, and we are pushed to examine our own role in today’s signal to noise ratio.

Founder and CEO of Sailpoint, Mark McClain, challenges us to “face-out”. “The world can feel dark and tasteless right now,” mentions Mark, as he encourages us to live out being “salt and light”, communicating with clarity through the chaos of mixed messages.
“The people that can help others need to step up and do that. This is the time to be neighborly.” Mark McClain  As leaders in Austin we need to remember to stay focused on what we can control and the ways we can help. Take a few moments to hear Mark’s encouraging words, and, don’t miss his challenge to keep “facing-out”.
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