Conversations with ATX Leaders: John Gillis

“How do I handle layoffs with grace?” a question John Gillis, published author of the Powerhouse: 13 Teamwork Tactics that Build Excellence and Unrivaled Success and partner at LeadershipX, is hearing often as he supports executives navigating this difficult season. Join ABBA for a fascinating conversation about leadership decisions through COVID-19. As his own organization is changing the format and cadence of leadership development sessions, John is discovering amazing insights during through his conversation with the executives his company supports.


Two months ago, companies were asking themselves very different questions than they are today. Along with difficult decisions, there are other surprising shifts in corporate culture. One question that caught John’s attention was, “How do we partner across organizations?”  Perhaps collaboration will be one of the greatest gifts from this season.


The environment is constantly changing, which makes it difficult to get a clear perspective on the functions and scenario planning of organizations.  Leaders have a challenge to showing a path through and past this crisis. Often time leadership decisions are between two possible outcomes, neither being optimal. Some leaders are cutting their own pay, sacrificing their own time and resources, but it’s the leaders that are absorbing the fear and exuding hope that John predicts will emerge the strongest post pandemic.


When asked about leaders staying focused John notes, “There’s focus, but also transparency. It’s coming from a position of humility because we realize we do not have control of this situation.”  Don’t miss the important reminders and encouraging words from one of Austin’s finest leaders.


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