Conversations with ATX Leaders: Joel Trammel

“Until we overcome this fear, we will not be able to make any progress with the economy.”
What will Austin look like post pandemic? Join us for a candid and encouraging conversation with Joel Trammell, CEO of Khorus and author of the CEO Tightrope.  Joel shares his vantage point as we look toward the new normal.  His observation of trends and shifts continue to guide not only his own organization, but also the many clients he serves.
The Great Depression shaped everything about the lives of those that endured that season.  Similarly, COVID-19, will shape a generation.  Will we move to more virtual interaction?  How will our social lives change?  What will be the impact on mass transit?  Joel explores all this and more.
Reflecting back to his experience starting his company in the midst of 9-11, Joel recalls the challenges that faced his team during that time. “You can have a great team and an amazing product, but if people aren’t comfortable with the market,” Joel shares, “it can still be a challenge.” In those moments, relationships and trust will be the factor that helps your business survive. Initially, fear will be a motivator for many consumers and investors.  As a leader, we have to start by managing that emotion; giving hope and vision while sharing a future without fear.
While many organizations are looking to experts for guidance and advice, Joel highlights an important reminder for those looking to bring new people on their team. “If you’re doing the CEO role right,” Joel shares, “you are a manager of experts.” However, make sure you have people around you that are willing to recognize their own limitations. “It’s very dangerous to depend on someone who doesn’t know what they don’t know.”

While we continue to seek God through this season, future focused leaders like Joel are valuable voices in our community.  Our influence as faith based leaders puts us in a position to be the Church in the marketplace and beyond. “There are going to be difficult times for people, there will be needs for the church to serve.” Don’t miss our conversation with Joel as he points us toward a future with opportunity and hope.



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