Conversations with ATX Leaders: Eric & Andrea Moore

Eric and Andrea Moore, Lead Pastors of Summit Worship Center, join us for a refreshing conversation about leading and life during this season. Remembering that we do have a God that leads us in maintaining balanced life, we have to seek to be responsible while tempered with a measure of faith.
We took a moment to ask Eric how they, as leaders, continue to provide guidance to their church family during COVID-19. In an age when we typically just send a text or email, Eric shares, “We are being very intentional about calling.” With an emphasis on providing clear and consistent communication among their leaders, which includes an honest response of “I don’t know,” from time to time.
Andrea encourages us with a challenge to begin our day, “rejoicing that God is so sweet.”  The Moore’s are noticing how so many things in their life and the life of their church had already shifted or were in place prior to this pandemic.  This season is a reminder of God’s provision and faithfulness outside of our understanding of time. “There are so many opportunities to learn and grow,” Andrea shares about how we have been offered a chance to put the major things of life in fresh focus; resetting every day.

The Moore’s give us a glimpse into their “snow-globe life,” as things chaotically swirl around our world while our families sit contained. Andrea challenges us to “Learn to absorb all the good stuff, and choose to focus on that rather than the disarray.” Be encouraged and inspired as you listen.

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