Conversations with ATX Leaders: Daryl Horton

“This is an opportunity to go beyond myself and to continue to be an extension of who God wants me to be.”  As churches look to re-open there are conversations about restrictions, religious rites, and a respect for both the community and government.  Reverend Daryl Horton of Mt. Zion Church of Austin joins us for a candid conversation about his experience leading his congregation during this pandemic.


“It may sound too much like a pastor but don’t forget about your prayer life,” shares Rev. Horton, “There is no way to get rid of your fears other than spending time with God.” For Rev. Horton, not only is prayer essential, but it has the ability to pierce the darkness many of us find ourselves in during this season.


Mt. Zion Church family are encouraged to not only stay in touch with their faith, but also to be intentional by reaching out to loved ones and friends.  “This is a moment to take our minds off ourselves.”  Congregation members are coming together to shop for people, make food boxes, and provide a variety of resources to care for their community. “We are all limited in some way at this point, but when we bring what we have we see hope.” shares Rev. Horton, “I see hope in the fact that people are coming together”


Not only are people within a faith community coming together, but Rev. Horton shares stories of how churches, across denominational and geographical lines, are coming together to share resources or better equip one another for online services. “This is an opportunity to go beyond ourselves and to continue to be an extension of who God wants us to be.”


Rev. Horton encourages churches and leaders to be patient. “At first we were focused on “what do we do” and “how will we function” but now we have some time and space to think through next steps.”  And there will be next steps.  Referencing prior difficult seasons, Rev. Horton remind us, “Even when it didn’t seem like it in the midst of it, we are on the other side of it.  It doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences, but we do come through.” Join us for this reminder to stay connected to our faith, stay connected one another, and to stay connected to hope.

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