Conversations with ATX Leaders: Chris Meroff

As things shifted and unfolded quickly for most all businesses these past few months, Chris Meroff, CEO & Owner of MSB Ventures, found himself having to pivot within all levels and facets of his organization.
Having one of his company branches directly linked to K-12, you can imagine the change as they continue to support school systems through virtual consultation.  Part of MSB assists in providing and upholding those students with special needs, and Chris is noticing a sense of powerlessness when hearing from teachers that desire to engage this specific part of the local student body.
While many might assume working from home or sheltering-in-place would decrease the amount of communication across organizations, eliminating “water cooler conversations”, Chris has experienced something different, “We’ve actually noticed the amount of time we have to communicate, the frequency has had to increase.” Not being face to face you may actually need more time to receive the same amount of communication to adequately transfer what you are trying to communicate. The key to their communication is consistency.  “It’s not just saying the same thing over and over the same way, it’s making sure communication is in alignment.”
As leadership teams band together and communicate, Chris shares about the potential for future gains through this season.  “We’ve seen comfort created on all levels across the company as they are watching leadership grow closer together.  That will set us up for large amount of personal success and community success going forward.”

Through this season many of us are walking with a deeper understanding of God’s sovereignty. Join us as Chris challenges us to connect with a sense of renewal in the midst of concern, “There is a real sense of renewal, with my family, with my work, with what I represent on this Earth.”

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