Isolation: The New Epidemic

By Jennifer Mazzola / September 15, 2020 / Comments Off on Isolation: The New Epidemic

“Be brave and strong! Don’t be afraid of the nations on the other side of the Jordan. The Lord your God will always be at your side, and he will never abandon you.” Deuteronomy 13:6 (CEV)   “Social isolation is a growing epidemic, one that’s increasingly recognized as having dire physical, mental and emotional consequences.”…

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Leading by Faith

By Jennifer Mazzola / August 17, 2020 / Comments Off on Leading by Faith

“We encourage you, brothers and sisters, to instruct those who are not living right, cheer up those who are discouraged, help the weak, and be patient with everyone.” 1 Thessalonians 5:14 (GW)   How do we live out our faith in the work place?   Faith is often a very private matter, especially in our…

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How to Wait Well on God

By ABBA Admin / August 10, 2020 / Comments Off on How to Wait Well on God

Have you been praying about a situation in your life and found yourself waiting for a breakthrough? Are you wondering why the answer hasn’t come yet? Do you feel as though victory is passing you by? Many of us are feeling the pressure of this time. In the midst of the ever changing pandemic and…

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Tending the Sheep

By Jennifer Mazzola / July 13, 2020 / Comments Off on Tending the Sheep

One of my favorite facets of the story of David centers around 1 Samuel 16, the anointing of David by the prophet Samuel.  The Lord sends Samuel to the family of Jesse. After looking over seven of the possible future kings Samuel asks, “Are these all the sons you have?”   “There is still the…

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A Crisis of Forgiveness

By ABBA Admin / July 6, 2020 / Comments Off on A Crisis of Forgiveness

Christ, the epitome of a servant leader, humbled himself to the depths of human pain in his death on the cross.  His death was the ultimate lynching. Even still, he forgave us all. He gave us an example of how we are to respond.   Lynchings, mob killings in which the victim is denied humane treatment…

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Let’s Not Forget

By Jennifer Mazzola / July 1, 2020 / Comments Off on Let’s Not Forget

  “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NIV)   Have you ever noticed how during times when we find ourselves frightened and unsure we turn to what matters most; however, when things feel safe and secure again we drift back into our own worlds?…

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Best Friends

By ABBA Admin / June 29, 2020 / Comments Off on Best Friends

  How did your best friend get to be your best friend?  I’m guessing that you spent a lot of time together, that you shared many adventures and misadventures.  You listened to one another, encouraged one another, sometimes corrected one another.  You were there for each other in good times and bad.  You got to…

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Out of the Darkness

By Jennifer Mazzola / June 22, 2020 / Comments Off on Out of the Darkness

 “The people who lived in darkness have seen a bright light. A light has risen for those who live in a land overshadowed by death.” Matthew 4:16 (GW)   One of our most important missions as Christians is to share hope and comfort in all things and all times. Especially in times like these. Sharing that…

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Hope when it Hurts

By Jennifer Mazzola / June 10, 2020 / Comments Off on Hope when it Hurts

  “Why are you discouraged, my soul? Why are you so restless? Put your hope in God, because I will still praise him. He is my savior and my God.” Psalm 42:5 (GW)   We live in uncertain and troubled times: People losing their jobs, health issues, financial loss, or caring for elderly parents. The…

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