Conversations with ATX Leaders: Pete Hayes

As as markets shift, people reposition, and companies pivot during this time the challenge is not just clarity, but keeping information relevant.  Speaking to what is happening in the crisis as it is happening will be how many organizations survive what feels like a total shut down.

Pete Hayes, Principal & CMO of Chief Outsiders, quickly assembled a group of industry experts and began to survey clients for their needs and best practices.
“Since we are in the business of helping other companies through growth challenges, I was expecting our services to be “pushed to the side” like many during this time of crisis.”
But Pete discovered the opposite these past several weeks. “We started with a survey.  We went to our people to learn what they needed and how they wanted us to respond.  Which gave us, immediately a bunch of best practices to share.”
Fully deploying his business to help clients in a new way, essentially rebranding the title of CMO to SRE “Strategic Response Experts,” Chief Outsiders is discovering how to help organizations take fresh look at their costumers, guiding them through a zero-base thinking exercise, and assisting many companies looking at going to a new level online.

Listen in as Pete shares his thoughts on the role of agility in both faith and business at a time like this.


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