Conversations with ATX Leaders: Chris Champion

“We hear the phrase ‘this is an unprecedented time,’ but as believers we see this as an unprecedented opportunity to speak a biblical narrative into the realities that we are all facing right now.” Chris Champion


Similar to what the nation experienced during 9-11, we are seeing a level of vulnerability and honest communication like never before.  We are also experiencing a time when those called to serve through churches or other organizations are being needed at a new level.  Chris Champion, Field Director for Corporate Chaplains of America, shared an encouraging message of servanthood and hope.


The heartbeat of a chaplain is to run toward a situation or need, and Chris’ organization continues to respond to the needs of the companies they serve. “As companies shifted how they did business we had to pivot alongside those organization.” remarks Chris as he shares some of the amazing stories he is hearing from corporate chaplains across the nation.


With people are isolated than ever, there is a tremendous need to speak truth and have real conversations of depth at this time.  Stress is added as leaders are having to make decisions unlike any they ever have had to make. While, just like most organizations, CCA continues to deal with their own regulations, HR concerns and general management.  Yet at the same time responding to an increase in conversations with other leaders.


When asked, “How do you communicate with truth and clarity?” Chris responds, “Go back to that idea of faith.  Trusting in God to lead us and guide us.”


We read “fear not” throughout scripture, but living it out is a very different thing. There are new dynamics at home along with new levels of isolation.  We need to speak truth into all those situations. Chris encourages us not to “over complicate it”, we all have a chance to be intentional and proactive when taking opportunities to share love and light with others.  Give a call.  Drop off a gift.  Let people know they are not alone.