Conversations with ATX Leaders: Alan Graham

“Let’s talk about the reality of where we are today with the economy.” Join us for a sobering conversation with CEO & Founder of Mobile Loaves & Fishes, Alan Graham. “I think it’s time for people to be realistic about what’s happened.”


Some experts say an invention of a vaccine today would still require a twelve month hold until public release. “I fuel on optimism.  But if you don’t layer that optimism with realism, you are going to get in trouble,” shares Alan.  He engages with people across a spectrum of people that are realistically hopeful, all the way to the idea that things will change back to normal tomorrow.


When asked, “What previous leadership lessons impacted how you are leading through today?” Alan reflects across the high interest rates of Carter years, financial collapse, the era, etc. The pandemic of COVID-19 makes crisis number six experienced through his leadership years. As a leader, Alan has had to terminate employees, shut down projects and teams, and yet reminds us we will overcome.


During this time, more than during normal operations, leaders are challenged to respond immediately, swiftly, and have a plan in place. Wisdom, insight, and skill, making the right decisions at the right time, will be so important.  And you can’t get that unless you are taking time to be still and listen to the Father. Reaching out to his own network of wise friends from a wide cross section of life, Alan shares, “ I try not to engage in all the poison,” in terms of the media hype and spin, “just trying to look at  that data itself, as best I can.”


For many organizations, there can be a sense of desperation. Alan offers a challenging question as a reminder, “Is the Lord infinite and abundant, or limited and scarce?” His organization continues to experience God’s provision.  Join us as Alan inspires us to a deeper level of trust in the Lord.