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It is our honor at ABBA to help connect those of you looking to make a significant and sustained change. ABBA is a network of relationships. We connect people, like you, with purpose. More specifically, our Austin Crucial Conversations series brings key leaders together on some of our community's most significant systemic challenges. The Homeless Summit Zoom call is an investment on our community's potential and ABBA is honored to serve as a neutral convener and bridge.

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Homelessness Summit

person reaching out to someone sitting on street

In the coming weeks we will move forward with the following next steps:

  • Follow the plan being developed by ECHO in partnership with the other organizations that is designed to offer a comprehensive system to the on-going problem of homelessness and our communities’ response to it. If you would like to have input into this plan, please follow up with Matt Mollica to see how that can best happen.
  • Detail specific steps on how you can connect with Community Esperanza.
  • Schedule a follow up conversation that provides a quick update and then focuses on specific actions for those of you wanting to be a strategic partner in this process.