Love the Rock. One City. One Church. One Mission.

In 2014 ABBA was approached by the pastors in Round Rock to help coordinate a large serve day for the Church in Round Rock. It was an event designed to display the unity of the Church in service to the community: a response to Jesus’ prayer in John 17 that the Church be unified as a sign of His love for our world.

In that first year we helped 30 churches partner together, mobilizing over 1,400 volunteers to serve the city of Round Rock. The event was such a success for every partner involved (church, non-profits, city, etc.) that they decided to make it a regular event. Other communities also took notice, and in 2016-18 we helped coordinate “Love Where You Live” serve days in South Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown and Leander as well as four more Love The Rock events.

Over the last 5 years we have had the honor to see over 6,000 volunteers serve their community as over 100 churches have partnered together to put the love of God on display in their community. Today many of those initiatives run themselves using the core teams and cross-sector relationships that were established in the initial events.