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Pastors In Covenant

Why join a Pastors In Covenant Group?

We consistently hear that the Church in Austin is uniquely unified. We believe that unity is built upon the relationships that are formed through PIC groups. Living life in community is both biblical and necessary for the most successful Christian walk.  "Sharing life" in a small group environment empowers and encourages us as we grow and serve in our daily lives.  When a pastor needs a listening ear, where can s/he turn?  Our prayer is that pastors can turn to Pastors in Covenant (PIC).

What exactly is a PIC Group?

A PIC group is comprised of 6-8 pastors from different denominations meeting monthly in the same location for about two hours.  In these groups, no theology is discussed, but they agree with the Apostles' Creed.  Members are there to have a safe place to be themselves, discussing vulnerable issues in their spiritual, mental, and physical lives.

There are three parts to a PIC group: SHARE what is going on in your personal lives; PRAY for each other; EMAIL updates and praises to other members.

PIC Dos & Don'ts

 Do  Don't
"Check in" with group members at meeting and between Discuss theology
Participate with the level of transparency and vulnerability that is comfortable for you Use PIC groups as a platform to do ministry together
Commit to build relationships and pray for your fellow members Breach confidentiality
Attend regulary (75% or more meetings) Miss more than 25% of  meetings


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