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GLS Austin 2021

ABBA continues to provide you high quality leadership development.

What is the Global Leadership Summit? It's an amazing 2-day leadership conference that impacts 405,000+ leaders across the U.S. and in 135 countries, providing vision, inspiration, and countless practical skills you can put to work Monday morning.

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We invite you to become an ABBA member where there will be access to a unique network of Christian leaders who believe that by coming together we have an extraordinary opportunity to influence change. Let's partner with God and one another to restore our families, neighborhoods and society to a place of wellbeing, productivity and beauty.

ABBA Membership


At MGR360, our mission is to make great managers your competitive advantage. Using a highly practical approach, our seasoned management and leadership trainers help your team implement a management system across the organization—for better engagement, culture, and results. Visit for exclusive discounts on enterprise management training and 1-on-1 Meeting Cards.


Purpose Project

As believers in the workplace, it’s common for us to struggle with how to apply our biblical values, leverage our spiritual gifts, and find abundant satisfaction in our current roles and places of employment.  Because we have been there too,

Catalyst and ABBA have teamed up to bring local, Christian influencers like you, a dynamic experience that will guide you in exploring a deeper connection to your unique design and into unlocking your God-given purposes in the workplace and beyond.

In this workshop, you can discover in hours what takes most adults years, if not decades, to uncover about themselves as we analyze the themes, core strengths and competitive advantages that both set you apart and set you up to maximize your impact.  This is an opportunity to gain clarity and confidence around who you were made to be and how you were made to thrive!


Emergent Leader Initiative

When we speak with leaders and ask what impacted their leadership development, one answer rises to the top: personal investment from a high-level leader further down the road. We are inviting young leaders into a 10-month journey where they will receive both top-notch instruction on leadership skills and 1-on-1 coaching from some of Austin's best leaders. This leadership class will be somewhat unique in that we will be combingin both faith and business in a practical way. These young leaders will ultimately shape tomorrow's Austin, and we believe that when leaders get better, Austin wins. If you know of a young leader who might benefit from this program, or if you are interested in being a coach for young leaders, please contact us.

Emergent Leader Initiative

Business Leader Series

ABBA's Business Leader Series (BLS) is a lunch and learn environment where we explore what is looks like to integrate our faith with our work in real, tangible ways. Each month incredible, local business leaders will share their own stories of meeting God in their jobs, and from there we will launch into discussion and practical next steps, all around tables led by amazing facilitators who have been there.

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CEO & Pastors Dinner

An annual event to affirm business leaders and pastors, the CEO & Pastor Dinner is designed to encourage cooperation among these key leaders for the good of the city. Each year features keynote speakers from organizations like Chick-fil-a , McCoys Building Supply, and Camp Gladiator, who talk about their business journey and how they serve their communities.

This dinner transforms how pastors and business leaders partner to impact our community by affirming each other's gifts, fostering cross-sector discussion, and prompting action in cooperation. We help leaders in both the church and the marketplace bring forth their specific strengths, innovations, backgrounds, and capitals. Simply put, this event is designed to bring leaders from the church and business community together to work for the good of Austin.
CEO/Pastor Dinner

Called Gatherings

Want to dig deeper with other women in leadership? Want to have a quick day away with your closest friends? Let us plan a Called gathering with you. You will hear engaging and inspiring content, get to know local panelists who have been where you are, and jump into applicable exercises that will give you tools for your daily, workand personal life. Called is a one-day women's retreat that was created for women in leadership to:

  1. Encourage women to see their work as valuable and holy
  2. Equip women to succeed as Christian leaders
  3. Connect women to resources and each other

Our coordinators work alongside you to plan an enriching day for your selected guests.