Emergent Leader Initiative

Emergent Leader Initiative Flyer
Emergent Leaders Initiative

A new kind of leader for a new tomorrow

Next Level Leaders

When we speak with leaders and ask what impacted their leadership development one answer rises to the top: personal investment from a high-level leader further down the road. We are inviting 30 young leaders into a 10-month journey where they will receive both top-notch instruction on leadership skills and 1-on-1 coaching from some of Austin's best leaders. This leadership class will be somewhat unique in that we will be combining both faith and business in a practical way. These young leaders will ultimately shape tomorrow's Austin, and we believe that when leaders get better, Austin wins. Those who are selected for this program will receive the following:

  • Entrance to the Global Leadership Summit August 8-9, 2019
  • Networking opportunities with top marketplace leaders
  • StrengthsFinder™ assessment
  • Builder Profile 10™ assessment
  • Monthly lunch-and-learns from September to May teaching practical, high-level business skills and faith applications
  • Monthly coaching conversations from September to May with a personal coach from the Austin area