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Donald Christian ATX Leader Conversation

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Donald Christian

“When do you move on planning to make the plan?”   President of Concordia University, Donald Christian, joins ABBA Executive Director, Rich Carney, for a great conversation from the world of academia. Through this season, Concordia’s main goal is to ensure students persist through this time.  Wether it’s completing this semester,  wrapping up their degree,…

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Jurie Kriel Pastor of 512 City Church Austin

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Jurie Kriel

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12 The greatest distance in life is the gap between our expectations and reality. As we attempt to gauge timing and distance through Corona-virus we have all these expectations but they continue to be extended and postponed. Leaders are…

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Prophetic Prayer at Work

For centuries, Christians have been entrenched in the secular versus sacred model for most things but it’s a new era for the church. In this new era, God is shifting our view of work (and our families). God is also revealing to us that these are actually our primary ministries and that all workplace believers…

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Prophetic Prayer Video

Prophetic Prayer Report

Kennisha: We’re being shifted to a new normal – there are things God wants us to have.  Instructions are to prepare, to go to a place of stillness to see who we are being called to be. Strategy to return to authenticity: Eliminating false responsibilities, eliminate people-pleasing, eliminating the fear to be who we were…

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ATX Leader Mike Keffales

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Mike Keffales

Emergent Leader Initiative participant, Mike Keffales, shares his perspective as a young leader in Austin during this time. In the middle of a leadership development and personal growth program, Mike was seeing things move in his career and beginning to pull together plans for additional ventures, and then, a pandemic. For many this season can…

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Conversations with ATX Leader John Gillis

Conversations with ATX Leaders: John Gillis

“How do I handle layoffs with grace?” a question John Gillis, published author of the Powerhouse: 13 Teamwork Tactics that Build Excellence and Unrivaled Success and partner at LeadershipX, is hearing often as he supports executives navigating this difficult season. Join ABBA for a fascinating conversation about leadership decisions through COVID-19. As his own organization is…

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Mike Martin ELI Coach on ATX Leadership Conversations

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Rich Carney

What happens when the interviewer becomes the interviewee? You get great insight with highlights from conversations with ATX leaders across all industries.  Join the Blended Sense team as they sit down with Austin Bridge Builders Alliance Executive Director, Dr. Rich Carney.   ABBA is striving to keep people connected as the enemy of isolation is…

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Mike Martin ELI Coach on ATX Leadership Conversations

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Mike Martin

Emergent Leader Initiative Coach and retired business leader, Mike Martin shares what he is seeing among young business leaders during this time. “This a fantastic opportunity for young leaders to go through chaos.  An opportunity for really learning and observing.”   Mike and ABBA team member, Jeff Johnson, reflect on how difficult seasons produce a…

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91,250 Workday Hours

91,250.  Based on an average life span of 72 years, you will spend 91,250 hours working.  That’s roughly 22.4% of our life, not including overtime.    228,000 hours will be spent sleeping, which means you only get an average of 394,000 hours of life, awake.   In comparison, we spend… 32,100 hours eating 4,320 hours…

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ATX Leader Conversations with Joel Trammell

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Joel Trammel

“Until we overcome this fear, we will not be able to make any progress with the economy.” What will Austin look like post pandemic? Join us for a candid and encouraging conversation with Joel Trammell, CEO of Khorus and author of the CEO Tightrope.  Joel shares his vantage point as we look toward the new…

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