Conversations with ATX Leaders: Wade Lombard

While many teams are working from home, many leaders all across Austin are continuing to remain open as they are considered essential services through this time.  Square Cow Moovers continues to serve the Austin area as a top household goods mover in the area.  Austin continues to grow, and people continue to move into new homes, seek storage options and move forward through this sector of the marketplace. “We are busy, which we see as encouraging.” shares Wade Lombard, Managing Partner and CEO of Square Cow Moovers.


Join us for a conversation about what it looks like to provide strong customer service during this pandemic. Wade reminds his teams that perception creates reality for clients.  “If we seem fearful or reckless, that’s how our customers will see us.”  Concerned customers have a right to have their questions answered honestly as people are concerned with safety as movers enter their home.


“Communicating with clarity and accuracy is our job every day,” not just in this season.  Wade shares how he sees our roles have leaders as being made for a time such as this. Our task to lead well has not changed with COVID-19. “As leaders we have to lean in.”  We are challenged to tap into the wisdom and discernment provided to leaders as they remain confident yet dependent upon an authority from above.


For many, the world seems to be grumbling around us, and crisis gives us the opportunity to look different, to keep our head held high, and to show others how our faith makes a difference in these times. “This is really what a leaders job is about,” remarks Wade as he encourages us to be bold and lead well.