Conversations with ATX Leaders: Amy Hagen

Education Connection began their nonprofit adventure ten years ago with a partnership between one church and one school.  Now, Amy Hagen of Education Connection, leads a team of staff and volunteers that serve within eleven school districts, ninety-four schools, one hundred and twenty churches, and forty businesses.  Managing over one thousand and two hundred volunteers, Education Connection is strengthening literacy move over two thousand five hundred central Texas students.


When her organization was faced with the closing of area schools, Amy had difficult decisions to make.  As they were thinking ahead, “Our role was to ease the return to school for the districts, not to be an additional burden or present a barrier.”  As Education Connection had to shift in terms of their format, the heart of their drive to assist students along their literacy journey never skipped a beat.  Committed and passionate volunteers still desiring to connect with their students, asked for ZOOM reading appointments.  However, due to copy-write laws that option was not available.  Amy had to get creative and look at things in a fresh way in order to keep their volunteers engaged with the community; encouraging volunteers to continue to engage with their students via encouraging emails and photos of volunteers reading form home themselves.


“We want to be a bridge for information,” shares Amy, as their investment for being a resource gathering hub increased.  Education Connection continues to provide literacy resources for teachers and families while they shelter in place.  Amy challenges us to prioritize communication and prayer during this time.  Don’t miss a chance to hear how nonprofits and leading and remaining connected with purpose during this pandemic.  And, don’t miss a chance to volunteer with Education Connection next school year!