Conversations with ATX Leaders

Conversations with Pete Hayes

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Pete Hayes

By ABBA Admin | March 25, 2020

As as markets shift, people reposition, and companies pivot during this time the challenge is not just clarity, but keeping information relevant.  Speaking to what is happening in the crisis as it is happening will be how many organizations survive what feels like a total shut down. Pete Hayes, Principal & CMO of Chief Outsiders,…

How to Thrive in Pandemic

How to Thrive During a Pandemic: Take the Next Step Forward

By ABBA Admin | March 24, 2020

  How to thrive during a pandemic: take the next step forward   It’s true what they say, you remember where you were when a national or world catastrophe occurs is so true.  I was at work, actually in a meeting when my wife who never calls me at work called: “get to a TV,…

Conversations with ATX Leaders Mark McClain

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Mark McClain

By ABBA Admin | March 24, 2020

In a few short weeks, the world has certainly changed; yet, our Lord is timeless and changeless.  He sets the times and seasons.  In a time when fear, frustration and stress are rampant, even the simple act of extending a smile to others or reaching out to your neighbor, friends and/or family can make all…