Conversations with ATX Leaders

Jamie LaGarde of Sedera ATX Leadership

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Jamie LaGarde

By ABBA Admin | April 10, 2020

“Even though we are apart, we are still very much together.”   Jamie LaGarde, CEO of Sedera, shares how he is managing his 75 employees and serving their over 26,000 members.  A community based solution for providing health care, Jamie’s organization is in many ways a front line supporter during the COVID-19 Pandemic, bringing clarity…

ATX Leaders for Restoring Family Ministries

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Herb & Kennisha Moffett

By ABBA Admin | April 8, 2020

“Before this, when there was conflict or tension in the home, people would use work or maybe even church, to escape.” Herb Moffett.   Spiritual Leaders of Restoring Family Ministries, Herb & Kennisha Moffett, are seeing opportunities for God to challenge, strengthen and grow His influence in our families during this pandemic.   The shelter…

Eric Hehman of Austin Asset on COVID-19 Crisis

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Eric Hehman

By ABBA Admin | April 7, 2020

There is an aspect of leading at this time that feels more isolated and alone than ever.  When being connected to people is a part of your business, or a part of your leadership style, it can be a scary season.  Eric Hehman, CEO of Austin Asset, shares about possible implications when the lines between…

Conversations with ATX Leader Britt Harris

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Britt Harris

By ABBA Admin | April 6, 2020

“People do not expect leaders to be perfect, but they do expect them to be present.” Britt Harris.   “We’ve been hit by two rogue waves in light of this virus.” states Mr. Harris. Britton “Britt” Harris is the current chief investment officer of the University of Texas Investment Management Company. The investment management company…

Work from home blog

Work in Isolation

By Jennifer Mazzola | April 3, 2020

  A core part of ABBA’s mission is our drive to help you avoid a lifetime of work without meaning and faith in isolation. On almost every piece of literature we offer, or video we create, you will see or hear the words, “connect with purpose;” followed by “avoid work and faith in isolation.”  …

Melanie Jacobs Deep Roots ATX

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Melanie Jacobs

By ABBA Admin | April 2, 2020

“We need small businesses to succeed for our country, for our economy.” – ABBA Executive Director, Dr. Rich Carney Catching a glimpse of what many small business owners are experiencing, join us for this conversation with Melanic Jacobs, CEO of Deep Roots ATX.  Managing a staff of nearly 50 employees across two salons, Melanie is…

ATX Leader Chris Meroff

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Chris Meroff

By ABBA Admin | March 31, 2020

As things shifted and unfolded quickly for most all businesses these past few months, Chris Meroff, CEO & Owner of MSB Ventures, found himself having to pivot within all levels and facets of his organization. Having one of his company branches directly linked to K-12, you can imagine the change as they continue to support…

how to survive a pandemic

How to Thrive During a Pandemic Part II: Attitude of Gratitude

By Rich Carney | March 30, 2020

What makes you anxious?  I got off a Zoom call with a small business employer who had to lay off 49 employees this past week because of the shelter in place order.  Her business is not considered essential but for 49 employees it certainly is and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.…

ATX Leader Vlog Mark Westerfield

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Mark Westerfield

By ABBA Admin | March 27, 2020

They say it takes several weeks to form a new habit.  How will the “new habits” we form as we journey through this unprecedented time shape the future of the Church? Mark Westerfield, Pastor of Round Rock Central Baptist Church, shares his commitment to care for his own congregation while also issuing a challenge to…

ATX Leader Josh Hares

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Josh Hares

By ABBA Admin | March 26, 2020

Misinformation causes fear. That is why people are looking for clarification from trusting voices. “Fear can cause great things and bad things so we have to be vigilant.” Josh Hares, Chief Revenue Officer for Austin Better Business Bureau. Josh shares about what posture we as leaders should take during difficult times as the Austin BBB…