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A Work of Love in Progress

“I love you.” We all say it but God means it. Simply put, in one of the greatest acts of love, God made man in His own image, an image meant to reflect God’s glory back to Him. Man walked in harmony with God. But when man chose self-will over divine will, man sinned and…

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False Responsibilities

  On the birthday of humanity, God creates male and female. Then we read, “God blessed them and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the…

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ATX Leader Richard Dooley

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Richard Dooley

We are told over 150 times through scripture to “remember” or “recall” God’s faithfulness.  What does that have to do with strategic investments, treasury management and working capital?  Let’s find out.  Join us for a refreshing conversation with Co-Owner and Partner of Pope, Shamsie & Dooley, LLP, Richard Dooley. “Ironically we built a new building…

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ATX Leaders Mark Westerfield & Keith Ferguson

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Mark Westerfield & Keith Ferguson

Have you ever asked yourself, “Can churches actually work together?”  Join us for a challenging conversation about what it looks like to be the Church with an uppercase “C”.  Joined by Mark Westerfield of Central Baptist Church and Keith Ferguson of CityView Church we get a glimpse into the work God is doing in Round…

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ATX Leaders Christie and David Gonzales

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Christie and David Gonzales

When was the last time you had your hair cut? Behind the pandemic memes about hairdressers and barbers are real employees being guided by real leaders. Christie and David Gonzales, Owners of Academy Hair Design & BeVelle Barber School, join ABBA for a candid conversation as we examine how you lead in a sea of…

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Reset by Rene Green


  Everywhere we look today, with every connection we make, every phone conversation or (more and more often) every Zoom meeting we have, we see our “hearts and hands raised” in a new prayer – “Hear Us, O Lord.”   Fear and a growing level of uncertainty are all around us. What was “normal” weeks…

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ATX Leader Joe Bland

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Joe Bland

During this time, most construction companies are considered essential business, but remaining open during a time when approvals and financing are delayed or inaccessible, creates a challenge for leadership.  Joe Bland, CEO of Joe Bland Construction and Central Texas Stone joins ABBA Executive Director, Rich Carney, for a great conversation about Biblical leadership during this…

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ATX Leader Brent Dusing

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Brent Dusing

“As Christians you should see a difference.” Join us for a challenging and practical conversation with Brent Dusing, Managing Partner of Gideon Ventures.   In the midst of the dot-com crash and right before one of the country’s greatest tragedies, 9-11, Brent began his career.  On September 4th, 2001, at 23 years old, Brent began…

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ATX Leader Ken Schiller

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Ken Schiller

What would Texas be without BBQ!?!  How do Texans function without wide open access to gather and enjoy some brisket? If you don’t work in the restaurant industry it can be difficult to really see how shelter-in-place mandates impact the staff and leader within those businesses.  We get a quick peek behind the scenes with…

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ATX Leader Craig Foster

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Craig Foster

“I feel a little bit like the third little pig” shares Executive Director of Job Seekers Network, Craig Foster.  His organization emerged during a previous season of high unemployment rates, during the financial crisis of 2008. A job search framing and networking organization, Job Seekers hosts weekly gatherings, not shifting to weekly Zoom meetings across…

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