5 Resources to Help Discover Your Purpose

Five resources to help discover your purpose

We’ve been exploring the journey of purpose, and what it looks like to discover purpose, what purpose is NOT, and the idea of big “P”purpose and little “p”urpose.  We’ve even shared scriptures you can pray as you journey through the discovery of your purpose.  Now, to continue the conversation, we’d love to share with you 5 resources to help discover your purpose that you might find helpful in your own walk with the Lord. These 5 resources to help discover your purpose have made an impact on us and our walk, and we hope they also are helpful to you.

Compelling Truth on Purpose


1. What Does the Bible Say About Purpose by Compellingtruth.org

This is a terrific explanation that addresses the 2 fold purpose of believers.  Like we mentioned in a previous post on  big “P”urpose, and little “p”urose, there is a general purpose for all Christians to know and love God.  Likewise, there is universal works for us to do–like obedience, witnessing, and enjoying the Father.   Individually, God calls us to use our gift, talents, and personal resources uniquely as each portion of the body has a unique function.  This article goes on to share that while personality tests, spiritual gift assessments, and historical reviews might give an indication to our unique purpose, praying and asking the Lord to reveal it is probably the best and most accurate tool we have access to.

2. God’s Purpose for Your Life by Intouch.org

Charles Stanley explains the Lord’s specific destiny for your life has a twofold nature: It will further His kingdom on earth, and it will transform you by following these 3 areas that God desires from every Christian–to know God’s word, to keep God’s commands, and to be a witness for Jesus.  It’s in following the Lord that He reveals to us the directions we are to move, in His timing, and using His methods.  This actively keeps us relying on Him.

3. Discovering Your Kingdom Purpose by LivingontheEdge.org

A different view on the topic of purpose, it says our purpose is to fulfill Jesus’ mission in our unique sphere of influence in this time in history. The Bible tells us His mission was fourfold–first, to explain God and make Him known. Second, to bring the kingdom. Next, to make disciples, and finally to surrender our lives much like Jesus did as He walked out His purpose on the earth.


4. 7 Important Bible Verses About Purpose by WhatChristiansWanttoKnow.com

There is no better way to explore what God says about purpose than through His words. Kennisha listed out several scriptures to pray over purpose, but here are an additional 7 Bible verses to pray on and mediate on as you explore your purpose in the kingdom as well as fulfilling your own individual purpose.

5. Created for a purpose by Greg Laurie at Crosswalk.com

Greg Laurie speaks directly about how important it is not to live for our own pleasure, but instead, our purpose is to fulfill the pleasure for which God created us–,to glorify Him and bring forth spiritual fruit. He also urges us to not waste any time to connect spiritually because we don’t know how much time we have here, only God does.