The Marketplace Myth

The Marketplace Myth

We are not separate from the places where we shop and do business.  We need collaboration between our marketplace leaders and our church leaders, in the exercise of promoting the gospel to ALL peer groups within our great city.  Each part working jointly together for a common purpose…sounds like a Body, doesn’t it?

Those who protect the environment and contribute to the beautification of our city need churches to join in the effort to make our city attractive and bring glory to the Creator of all things.  Those who protect our city from violence and crime need the prayers and support of those who have faith that darkness can be dispelled by the light. And those who lead our city and government need divine intervention from above, for insight, creativity, and programs that will bless the people who live in the Greater Austin area.  

Where there are disreputable operations going on in the marketplace, we need people to prayer walk and believe for closure.  Where territory has been lost to markets that appeal to those who hurt our children, harm our teenagers, and destroy our families, we need churches that will claim back that land for good. And where there are businesses that are failing, transformation to success can take place when churches pray and agree for change.

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