Loving Your City

Loving Your City

Sometimes it’s helpful and inspirational to hear what’s happening in other cities or states so that we realize we’re not alone in our “quest” to bless our city.  Rhode Island is just one example of where God is moving The Church into the city, similar to what He’s doing here – in Austin!

Rhode Island has 900,000 residents, 39 cities/towns, and no “mega” churches – mostly small congregations – and only 8-10% of the population even attend church.  There is a statue of an Independent Man in the center of Providence, RI and David Gadoury, local pastor, states that “independent” truly described The Church there…until recent years.  Churches were fragmented, separate, resistant to change, and “fortressed.” 

This pastor attended a Pastors Prayer Summit in 1994 where Gadoury says, “God met me.”  Seven years ago about 30 pastors in Rhode Island attended, and walls began to break.  They realized their common love for Jesus and how that love was strong enough to unify them, despite their differences.    Now about 70 pastors are praying together and awesome changes are taking place.

Homes that were devastated by floods were cleaned up through combined efforts of churches.  Inner city festivals have taken place where giveaways, recreation, and services were provided.  A people’s prayer summit was held for prayer over their state. And conferences are being held to train leaders to pray, care, and share – the lifestyle change being promoted around the state.

We’re not alone.  God is moving…all over our nation. 

For this story and more, check out https://picasaweb.google.com/114107867856111758179/LoveYouCityLC2C30NYCMovementDay2011?authkey=Gv1sRgCMfzp8Tt_aGjxAE#.  

Register for the Pastor’s Prayer Gathering coming up in January here in our area:  http://www.abbaconnect.net/events/ppg/



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