Explore God

Explore God is a unique, coordinated effort – unprecedented in scope – to engage the greater Austin area in spiritual conversation. We’re asking you, as an ambassador of Jesus Christ, to intentionally engage and communicate with your spiritually curious friends and co-workers as they explore questions about their faith.

An unprecedented, city-wide initiative to spur spiritual conversations.

Explore God is the most comprehensive, unified effort to raise spiritual awareness in Greater Austin’s history. The Explore God campaign brings spiritually prepared believers together with spiritually curious people to begin to have conversations about God. The goal is to invite people to investigate questions about God in a non-threatening way through individual conversations.To do this well, it is important to understand God’s Role vs. Our Role. We need to keep our hands out of His role, and focus on what we are called to do.

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Find resources to help you better understand how Explore God can be applied in the marketplace.

Ministry or Non-profit

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Find out how other Ministry/Non-profit leaders are using Explore God materials with their volunteers and people they serve.


Access prayers provided by intercessors from all over the city who are covering the initiative with prayer.