By Marcy Lytle

We can talk about God all day long, but unless we’ve actually encountered him and his power, love, and compassion, the talk won’t produce lasting effects.  However, when we know who we are in him, why we’re here on this earth, how to access power through faith in prayer and how to walk in practical ways to reach our neighbors, true “encounters” take place. 

According to Thana Rolph, “Encounter is a one day event that has the capacity to change the lives of the participants. It also has the potential to be a springboard to further training and to building a prayer strategy.” She states there will be workshops to help increase capacity to hear God and grow in intimacy with Him.  It’s out of that personal intimacy that we can then build relationships with those in our sphere of influence.  Gail Long, another one of the coordinators of the event, says that she hopes and prays that those who attend “will understand more about their alignments and assignments in the city, and that, together, we will have the freedom to fully encounter HIM.” 

So who’s speaking, and what will those who attend learn at Encounter?  Below are a few teasers from some of those who will be sharing:

I’m presenting a simple, effective, and reproducible church wide evangelism model that will get people excited about reaching out to their neighbors – Dan Price

It is abnormal for a Christian to be limited to the natural realm.   True growth takes place from the inside out and when you understand how God designed us then you can align with Him.  Then you will discover that Christianity moves from effort to simple growth – Janice Seaney

When prayer increases in Austin in every place and in every way alone and corporately, the level of faith will rise and we will all see the atmosphere change. Leaders who come to Encounter will gain practical tools that can be shared with others – Vicky Porterfield

When you make your home a house of prayer, where the peace, presence, and fragrance of Jesus rests, then you can pray for your neighbors and reach out to them in kindness.  Mary did these things and saw God move powerfully in the streets and village and far beyond.  We can too – Tonya McKim

Knowing who you are is essential and universal. Everyone desires to be identified and known; to be defined and connected. Knowing who we are gives our life purpose and depth – Lisa McClanahan

Finally, if those teasers aren’t enough, visualize with me this descriptive illustration that Lisa added to her synopsis of her workshop, “Knowing who you are and what you were wired to do calls us to listen to our Father, to be intimately connected with Him, so that His dust covers us and shines upon the world.” And Tonya states, that when we learn and live out “loving our neighbors as ourselves” this will change our own hearts and lives first…then cause us to reach our community in power.  This is what it means to live missionally, in the city for the city, making eternally-effective encounters with Him…and others.

Encounter, March 24, Promiseland. Click here to register http://www.zvents.com/austin_tx/events/show/244133845-encounter-2012-let-faith-arise

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